In- and outdoor range

A WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network) is much more than just a wireless data network. It enables communication, data traffic and furthermore the geographical positioning of devices within the various access points.

Telonic covers all the elements you need for a wireless network. Whether an area is to be supplied inside or outside buildings, our team not only has the hardware, but also the experience and measurement technology to make a company site accessible right down into the last corner.

The hardware for use within a building structure differs significantly from the technology required in an open-air area. No matter how large the area is – we provide the connection. This also applies to complex buildings such as hotels as well as factory sites.

For operators of public infrastructures such as a WIFI at an airport, we also offer services that enable the user to access position-related services. By triangulating within the WIFI, users and their position can be identified. This is not only helpful when searching for the right gate at the airport, but can also provide valuable services in the intralogistics of a warehouse.

For hotels, universities, city centres or hospitals and surgeries, we provide secure guest networks without endangering the potential of hackers to access internal networks.

Security is of paramount importance to us: no matter what network – nobody should be able to fool around with it. That’s why we use special technology to monitor data streams to eliminate incidents that shouldn’t occur!

Privileged Access Management by Thycotic

New Partnership - new Security Service: Password-Management

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Our ISMS is certified according to ISO27001

Strict standard for the information security management system have been met

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Telonic is flexible, personal and service oriented.

A network with reliability, performance and proactive monitoring for your business success.
With the best products and technologies of our partners and the knowledge and experience of nearly 40 years of system house history, we meet the requirements of your network.

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