A cloud-based application: Riverbed

Business life is becoming increasingly mobile and security-critical applications can also be stored in the cloud. With this hybrid infrastructure from MPLS for business-critical applications and compliance, internet VPN and the low-priced public internet for the real-time provision of applications for all users, new risks can also arise. The Riverbed® SteelHead™ product family offers extensive optimization, visibility and regulation for all applications (including on-premise, i.e. run from your own place of business, and cloud-based), to supply the best possible application performance.

Cloud-based applications are dependent upon various parameters. Unreliable network connections, constantly changing locations and distances as well as network latency can adversely affect the function. To be able to work efficiently, documents must be available as quickly as possible – regardless of the location of the employee. With the Riverbed SteelHead solution, the latency for Microsoft SharePoint is optimized and the performance is immensely enhanced.

Application protocols such as Front Page Server Extension (FPSE) and Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning (WebDAV) are stepped up, while the bandwidth usage is reduced. As productivity increases, the IT helpdesk is pleased to receive fewer tickets that are exclusively related to performance.

With this technology, needless upgrading of the bandwidth can be avoided and cross-location working gains in speed and efficiency. In addition, the consolidation of Microsoft Exchange servers reduces the complexity of the infrastructure in the event of falling investment and operating costs.

SteelHead also helps with backup, replication and cloud storage mechanisms, to protect data efficiently and to ensure fast disaster recovery. Full support for the leading storage solutions, such as EMC and Hitachi Data Systems, is provided. Optimized data throughput between data centers and configurable compression are thereby beneficial, as well as clustering for high uptime and scalability.

Our ISMS is certified according to ISO27001

Strict standard for the information security management system have been met

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Telonic in the circle of the Juniper Ambassador

Christian Scholz from Telonic is first Juniper Ambassador from Germany

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Against attacks from outside and inside: Vectra Networks

Those who safeguard themselves against attacks from outside should not disregard the risks from within their own company.

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